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Cooling Pad Notebook Deepcool U-Pal

Cooling Pad Notebook Deepcool U-Pal

– Ultra speed USB 3.0 pass-through connector for the fastest transfer speed;
– Unique U shape design provide the most fluent cold airflow to your notebook’s hot spot;
– Angle adjustable to protect your spine for your health;
– Two 140mm fans covers equal areas to eight 70mm fans.

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HD 2,5” – 1TB Seagate

HD 2,5” – 1TB Seagate

Kapasitas 1000 GB / 1TB
Antarmuka SATA 6 Gb/s
Kecepatan Putar (RPM) 5.400
Cache 16 MB
Densitas Area 705
Enkripsi Enkripsi/FIPS
Benturan Operasi Maksimum 400 Gs
Panjang 100,55 mm
Lebar 70,1 mm
Tinggi 7 mm
Berat 95
Operasi (casing hard disk, maks) 60 °C
Daya Operasi Rata-rata 1,2 W

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HD 2,5” – 1TB Toshiba

HD 2,5” – 1TB Toshiba

Detail Spesification :

5400 RPM Spin Speed, 4,096/512e AF Implementation, Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps and Extended SATA Features, Light-weight, Standard 9.5mm-High Design, Super-Quiet Seek Technology, Eco-friendly Design in Materials and Low Power Consumption, Eco-conscious and Durable Design, MTTF of 600,000 Hours.

Interface SATA 3.0Gb/s (SATA Revision 2.6/ATA-8)
HDD Form Size 2.5”
Number of Data Heads 4
Number of Disks 2
Sector Size 4096/512e bytes
Rotational Speed 5400 RPM
Average Latency 5.55ms
Data Buffer 8MB
Transfer Rate to Host 3 Gb/sec
Power Supply 5V (+/- 5%)
Spin-up Power 4.5 watts
Operating Temperature 5° to 55°C (41° to 131°F)
Dimension (WHD) 69.85(W) x 100(D) x 9.5(H) mm
Weight Approx. 90 gram
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HD 2,5″ – 500GB Seagate SATA Barracuda

HD notebook – 500GB Seagate Barracuda

Spesifikasi Detail SEAGATE Momentus 500GB

Class Hard Drive Internal
Form Factor 2.5″
Interface Options SATA 3Gb/s
Rotation Speed 5400 RPM
Cache (MB) 8
Transfer Rate, Max Ext (MB/s) 300
Average Latency (ms) 5.6
Dimensi 100.35 x 69.85 x 9.5 mm
Berat 98.8 g

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